Show up and do the work

Here’s a thought exercise and experiment to try for the new year.

Don’t set any goals.

Get rid of all expectations you have of yourself. Especially those influenced purely by time, age, perception, or earning the admiration of others.

Stop comparing your station in life with someone else’s.

Don’t judge your ability to do something with how well someone is doing the same thing.

This is not to say don’t have desires or wishes. Just don’t frame them as a goal or an expectation. Use them as a direction to head to but don’t keep a score.

Instead, just show up and do the work. Consistently and diligently.

Celebrate progress and wins. Don’t judge setbacks. Just show up again.

The score starts moving before we know it.

This is how I’m working this year. No goals, no expectations, no comparisons. I’m really only looking to show up and do the work.

@me on twitter if you have thoughts on this. I’d love to hear!